COVID-19: Summary of Measures & Guidelines for Creative Professionals

Update: 4 April 2020

For the past few weeks, I had been kept wondering if I can still proceed or not with my makeup artistry assignments during this coronavirus period. Some clients have requested to postpone their bookings while others have said they want to go ahead. Whilst I did take precautionary measures to wear surgical mask and ensure proper sanitisation or tools and products, performing my tasks have been like walking on thin ice. It worries me if I will cause another cluster.

The update by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today 3 March 2020 says it all. “From next Tuesday (Apr 7) until May 4, most workplaces – except for essential services and key economic sectors – will be closed.” This means – no more doing makeup for people until situation gets better. Here’s the news report by Channel News Asia (CNA)

For clients who have paid deposits but work has not commenced or completed, rest assured that we will have all your bookings postponed. We will discuss with you on suitable dates when business can be resumed as normal.

For more reference into what’s going on in Singapore, do refer to the link below:

Stay safe and let’s do our part to flatten the curve.

First Published 31 March 2020

COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge disruptions to businesses globally. In Singapore, since last week, tighter measures have been announced to prevent further spread. These measures are great but it does affect how creative professionals usually work. There are many articles and documents that have been published which explain in detail over what is allowed and how to ensure compliance.

I have list below the links to information that I feel are useful.

For the Video Production Sector, here is an updated advisory mentioned in a post dated 27 March 2020 at 6:30pm by Nicholas Chee, Admin of Facebook Group “SG COVID-19 Creative/Cultural Professionals & Freelancers Support Group

Limit on attendance for unprohibited events.

(4) This regulation does not apply to any event that is conducted in the ordinary course of business at a workplace or providing education in an educational institution.

Video Production is classified as “Work” – so the 10pax rule does not technically apply for both indoor and outdoor shoots but please do adhere to MOH’s safety distancing advisory

Example: Entire Production has 25pax including Client/Cast/Crew, that group of 25 people is not committing an offence because it’s a work situation.

However, do observe the 10pax advisory to reduce infection risk. We can break up the set into Hot/Holding/Green/Client areas spread out within the same location

For creative professionals and freelancers, there are many useful discussions on how to cope with the current situation at SG COVID-19 Creative/Cultural Professionals & Freelancers Support Group . Do join this Facebook group to keep yourself updated on how to continue conducting your business in a responsible manner.

I will be updating the information on this page with latest news so do subscribe using the form below.

If you are still using printed Health & Travel Declaration Form and pen to record details from guests visiting your business premises, do consider changing to an online version and ask them to submit before appointment time. You can make use of this template.

If you have any questions or concerns do email me at rr@makeovermagix.com or leave your comments below.

Stay safe everyone and let’s do our best to be socially responsible!


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